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Her eyes and face n stuff looked rlly fucked up/

but heyyy. im making an effort to not sit on my ass doing nothing lmfao.

the more i do something, for me i guess, the better i feel about being more productive and ultimately progressing.

my goal is to just be less afraid of drawing stuff i see in my head.

instead of just sitting on my ass bottling up ideas, just try to make them in art instead.'s action potential.

an all or nothing threshold.

or like a reaction that needs input of energy in order to get over the hump and become something different.

i guess for me it is like a mental wall i have to climb over.

and getting off my ass and drawing no matter how crappy it looks helps me...

it may not break down the wall but it makes me more mentally competent and more able to quickly climb over it.

that's one challenge in itself.

quality and accuracy and following art theory and all that nice shit, that's relevant.

or even irrelevant.

main thing.., just have fun with what you do. at least, that's my personal conviction i guess.

i have these great ideas of castles and kingdoms and universes inside my head.

you can tell me what i did wrong. but you won't be able to tell me the real and wholesome reason behind why it came to be that way. only i really know and only i can really direct my learning and in a way that is individualized to me.

TWILIGHT SPARKAL YEEE HAW oh wait that's apple jack's line.

also a small TINY TINY gift for :iconnabashio:

cause u like twilight sparkle.

and why the fuq is mc donalds being so cheap with only having apple jack. even tho i rlly like her..

what about pinkie pie and rarity and Big Macintosh.

Macintosh is a sweetheart.

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April 7, 2012
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