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Box full of my stuff, yo

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Update/ Art Trades/Commissions/Life

Tue Aug 5, 2014, 10:38 AM

.: Purple Lights

First Up
For anyone interested.
:star: Commissions are currently closed for the time being. But will probably be open again later (and as always, there will be a journal announcing it for anyone who's interested).
:star: Art Trades are friends only or if I am the one asking/seeking. 
:star:  Requests are closed. I rarely do them but when I want to open them I usually announce it here or on one of my tumblrs.


My younger brother is currently over right now and he was in the kitchen singing while making himself a sandwhich rofl- it's never boring when he's around. It's particularly the reason why I'm up so early today and feeling slightly cranky over it, but oh well. He's one of those rare morning people. He's so cheery. Jeezus.

:star: In regards to other more long term things, I've been busy taking care of  a few matters ever since december of last year. Not really a whole bunch of things but a few things that were of importance to me that just took a lot of time and weren't exactly things that I could just do overnight or even in a week or a few.

One of the things that took a lot of time, tons of research, thinking, planning and even consulting was a personal decision to go ahead and pay off the rest of what my parent owed on their home. I was able to finalize everything a few days before christmas of last year and by xmas eve all the paperwork was done and everything was completed. Had to wait till after Christmas day though to call and get the confirmation. I decided to go through several third parties and was offered a method to take out a loan for it without interest but the money essentially was forwarded from the third party investor so the house could be paid off when I specified and then after that I would just slowly pay what I owed on a monthly basis. I suppose being able to find someone who was willing to let me take out a loan on essentially no interest was not only incredibly lucky but a gift in itself for me. 

But like I said, this was something that took alot of research into options and the process itself involved a lot of waiting and receiving calls back. Plus, being able to pay a loan or being in the process of paying it helps build credit.  A person could buy something up front or instead of chucking over some amount of money you could take out a loan for it with interest of course and not have given up the exact cost right away. But that's a choice that depends on each person. If a person can and wants to  pay for something up front completely and fully, some people do just that.  But...the first two years that my mom wanted to pay for my college tuition? After that I had to convince her to just let me take care of it on my own and I was able to but this was my way of paying her back. So ever since last year Ive been working to pay the rest of what I owe and it's been going well, which I am thankful for. I suppose...maybe a person could feel intimidated or maybe afraid of having debt that large or even debt at all but I'm not-.... but that's because a lot of planning and research and communicating was done. Enough of it was done to provide a clear picture of what I was getting myself into and I was able to determine that this would be something I could take on.

But someday, a few years from now, I do want to buy my own home. It's one of my personal long term goals-having a permanent place of my own. And obv, as with a lot of things, it will take a lot of planning and research.

:star: There was a different job I wanted that required special/ more extensive? certifcation in addition to what I already have so I spent about five months from february to the exact end of June of this year preparing for it and filing paperwork. So. Much. Paperwork.  The real heavy bulk of it began around march though. And then so many science/pathology books and then looking over different facility guidelines. Hehe. I planned it all out though and I was dedicated and was able to stick to my routine of spending 8-12 hours a day reviewing material, answering a total of 5500 questions on my own among other things. And then there was simple things like going out to buy groceries and actually eating. Sometimes..I would forget to eat, and sometimes I would forget what day of the week it was, and at some points, even what month it was. I felt this was something I needed and wanted to do for myself on my own and most of the friends I have understood that, the ones that didnt among other things, I let go of. I dont know, maybe it's hard for some people to understand what it's like having a single parent and needing as an offspring to be resourceful and efficient with your time and how important it is to be able to do things for yourself. For me, the quicker you can be independent, the easier it is on yourself and a lot of people around you. But I had to work towards that very slowly because I plan this stuff out - because I really don't want to fuck any of it up. 

:star: But long story short for that part- I successfully completed everything on schedule on the first of July. And that was the most wonderful feeling. SO, if i havent been active? Idk. I spent most of july sleeping and skyping with the buddies I had to put on the backburner previously. It feels so good to talk to them again and stay up late chatting and doing things.

:star: Anddd.... as a reward for all the hard work I put in, I decided to buy myself the list of things I had been wanting for a long time since a lot of things changed. But.... I was able to purchase the following...  *dons deep masculine voice of an award announcer* :

1) A brand new ASUS laptop, complete with a 1 TB hard drive, i7 intel processor, and GEFORCE GTX 860M NVIDIA GPU with a 21 inch wide screen and 12 GB of RAM. Enjoy your stay with the Republic of Gamers.

2) A new Cyberpower Titan Desktop complete with a 2 TB hard drive, i7 intel processor and GEFORCE GTX 750 Ti NVIDIA GPU connected with an additionally purchased 22 inch Samsung High Definition Monitor. PC features a five fan cooling system along with 16 GB of RAM you probably wont ever be able to really use so your ass can't possibly fuck this up. Welcome to a brand new world of gaming, enjoy your stay.

3) A new PS3 with 500 GB of storage space for all your game hoarding needs as a bundle with The Last of Us.

4) Consequently, A shit load of games to go with all that other shit load of stuff you bought. And as of today you are still buying games.

5) A brand new intuous Pro medium sized tablet for all your drawing needs.

6) All those digital drawing programs that came free with your purchases because damn it if you don't get something free for buying so many things from just two stores.

7) A free complete version of Photoshop via the talented and lovely friend :iconchinara:

8) oh yeah. Netflix. And all i can say is "scrubs, sherlock, Orange is the new black, Madoka, Kill la Kill, and everything else."

*ends  deep masculine voice*

:star: so, really. it's not hard to guess what I have been doing in my free time. My friend and I ended up playing Castle Crashers for like 3-4 hours a few days ago and literally spent an entire day buying games and playing them together and then I spent like half a day skyping with chinara a few days ago too. ANd then soooo many of my family members have kept coming to visit omg lmao.

:star: and lastly, Im in the middle of transitioning from the job I was working at to that new job i wanted that will allow me to work full time for three days a week at really good pay which will mean 4 days off to spend how I choose. In the mean time, I have to go buy new uniforms and other equipment and just waiitttt for the other party to get THEIR stuff together.

:heart: all in all, things are going really well. There were two other things that happened regarding two people that have been around since my childhood but I think I will save that for later. Or for a picture in their honor. Let me get off the friendship and gaming induced high ive been on or at least exert some control over it long enough to post all the stuff I have. Hyeh Hyeh. Just playing online on the ps3 got me an awesome number of friend requests to play games with ppl i dont even know. Idk, Ive only had it for a month so far so that kind of thing might be normal. It was just surprising to me.

Thank you for reading :rose:



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Thank you very much for visiting*
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Gotta love your coloring. Watching you from now on!
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I just can't handle your style, your works are too beautiful! ;D; :heart:
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 :icondatassplz: thank you home slice. I will keep moving onward to the day i can paint my dreams in their exact likeness.
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Oh man! :heart:
I follow since.. ugh.. idk... many years and it´s cool that your style´s still the same, kind of but the way you color it is just so much eyecandy for me!

Keep it up, Mu //__^) !
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*scratches cheek* hmmm...your name is one of the few that seems not sure.. bc i want to say that I remember you/your name from my previous account. Seems like it bc you've had that name for 7 years. *rubs chin harder* unless im wrong and mistaking things for something else :iconwthplz:.  but holy crap tho thank you for spotting me out again? after a long ass time. thankkk youuuu! :rose: :icondragonhugplz:
chiipyo Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes that´s me! ^^ Never changed my name.
*huug* You are completely right btw. ^.^ :rose:
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Found your page by hitting the "random deviant" button, and I am glad it brought me here! Nice gallery you have, keep it up!
Mujinai Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
chehehe, thanks bruh! that's pretty random but pretty cool too. I'll do my best and keep chugging along, thanks for the encouragement~ :la:
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No problem! Anytime.
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idk, it's an automatic option, i clicked the box and i dont often bother to scroll down and check/uncheck it to allow comments. IDKK once i started, i couldnt stoppp. i post pictures like its a hit and run.
creamuu Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Student Digital Artist
oh wow

damn hit and run?

now i have to click ALLLLLL the way to you PAGE to comment on your work. Can't believe you honestly.

Mujinai Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
lmao yah hit and run.

post and run. because i post and then right after i go and do something else. games and going out bruh.


yes it is, so shh. SHHHH. MENTION IT NO MORE.
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Thanks for the watch! I hope you find my stock useful!
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